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yellow upcycled corduroy bag in the garden

I’ve added a new category to this blog, second life. Second life are handbags made from fabric that used to be something else in the previous life, like a jacket, a skirt or a pair of trousers.

I used to repurpose already as a kid. In those days, repurposing was primarily motivated by me imagining or wishing for something that was not available to me, so I had to find ways of making whatever-that-was myself. I used to make envelopes from pages of old glossy magazines, rings and bracelets from electrical wire that had been thrown away, robust glasses from glass bottles.

Maybe my passion for upcycling comes from the inclination to see objects not that much as what they presently are, but their potentials – what they might be and what they could be transformed into. Finding new ways to use discarded things, things that will no longer be used for their initially intended purpose.

I am excited by the possibility of transforming an object into something completely different and I am passionate 3R proponent: reduce, reuse, recycle!

When I see a discarded piece of clothing I am often drawn to do something with it. I see a handbag in kid’s trousers. Or a dress that is asking for urgent transformation.

A number of things I make come to life exactly like that – I love changing the initial purpose of discarded item. Making a handbag from an old skirt or something else, thinking of fabric starting a new life rich with past experiences.

yellow upcycled corduroy bag trousers

yellow upcycled corduroy bag cutting

yellow upcycled corduroy bag with mushroom applique

The Crazy mushrooms bag is made from and old pair of corduroy trousers, soft and thick yellow fabric, strengthened for firmness and shape. I used wine-red, bright red and pink polka dot fabric pieces, corduroy, velvet and cotton, to appliqué the mushrooms. I hand embroidered details on mushrooms as well as the grass around them. The bag is 30 cm high, 45 cm wide. The bottom of the bag has been strengthened so the bag would not sag, it is 30 cm long and 12 cm wide. Inside of the bag is made of pink cotton, it hides three pockets, one of them has a zipper closure, and a ribbon with a clip. The bag has two handles, they are 68 cm long and it closes with a zipper.


yellow upcyled corduroy bag inside view

yellow upcycled corduroy bag with mushrooms

yellow upcycled corduroy bag mushroom detail

yellow upcycled corduroy bag hello

yellow upcycled corduroy bag inside

yellow upcycled corduroy bag zipper

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