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upcycled pink handbag vines

The speed at which the nature changes these days! I do not manage to notice everything. I take a look through the window, and see the garden full of daffodils. I do not remember they were like that the day before. I go outside to have a closer look and see violets winking from the grass. I pass by the cherry tree on the other side of the street and notice it is just about to bloom.

No, I will not write that I turned around my living loom and just noticed that a dotty handbag has blossomed. I worked on the old summer cotton dress and upcycled it into a handbag. I lined the fabric with strong interfacing, made folds and sides of the bag, hand embroidered the vines, made roses from satin ribbons and attached the bag to a frame. And here Lassie is, awoken into the second life!

Happy spring!


upcycled pink handbag dress

upcycled pink handbag with frame dots and roses

I made Lassie, Little Lady’s sister, from old worn out summer dress made of pink cotton fabric with white dots. I made the roses from pink satin ribbon and hand embroidered the vines with the chain stitch using green embroidery thread. Inside of the bag is made from pink-red linen fabric. The bag is 15 cm tall and 20 cm wide and it closes with a purse frame.

upcycled pink handbag roses

upcycled pink handbag inside

upcycled pink handbag with purse frame

upcycled pink handbag with dots