Très Chic


Golden Handbag

Do you watch the colour of leaves these days? All the nuances of red, yellow and gold, the splendor of the autumn? I do, and I am intoxicated by them. I can not stop staring and looking for more and more and more. My behaviour can at moments be quite annoying, my darling says. The leaves are [...]

Green Seductress

The stash. Fabric stash is a sea of cloth pieces, collected over time. Ever growing collection of craft fabrics. A fabric intrigues me and I have to have it, even if at that moment I do not know what to do with it. I do not buy upholstery fabrics often. I remember houses and gardens motifs on the [...]

Trouble with photo shoots

I love taking photos – that is a great joy! For me, one of sure ways to relax is to take the camera and capture moments and sights around me. It is like meditation, I focus on a motif and on the shoot and as everything around me becomes subdued, I feel calm and balanced. Sometimes, however, [...]


Large handbags are practical. They can hold everything that I might need during a day. Or in case that without prior notice I find myself on deserted island. A bottle of water, a notebook and some pens, something to nibble on, a torch, phone, phone charger, wallet, a collection of cosmetics [...]


Peach was hidden in 70-ies dress. One kiss, a bit of magic, and now she’ll take her tiny wallet, the phone, a lipstick, her keys and dance into a new life! Oh-la-la!
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