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handmade handbag with karlovac renaissance star fortress embroidery size

Louise, dedicated to Karlovac and its renaissance star town heart

Karlovac was built in the 16th century. The construction of the town begun on 13 July 1579 – the town’s birthday! The town was build as a renaissance fortress in shape of six-pointed star. With central square and rectangular network of houses and streets inside of the star, trenches with water [...]


The speed at which the nature changes these days! I do not manage to notice everything. I take a look through the window, and see the garden full of daffodils. I do not remember they were like that the day before. I go outside to have a closer look and see violets winking from the grass. I pass by [...]

Waterfall Handbag

Have you been to Plitvice Lakes National Park? Or, how often do you visit the Lakes? I haven’t for a while and it is about time to plan a trip. I love waters, I love forests, and spending some time at Plitvice Lakes is a celebration to me. The air is fresh and it has a wonderful scent. Shades of [...]

Little Lady

I wrote before that sometimes I have got a problem with inspiration for a photo shoot. Sometimes I have a very clear idea of how I would like to show a handbag in a photo. But when I am a model holding the bag in her hands – what then? Then I try to force my idea of how the photo should look like [...]

Red Velvet Handbag

Happy New Year! Let it be full of love, passion, enthusiasm, strength and joy! I made the Red velvet handbag from red velvet fabric on which I hand embroidered silk thread pattern. The bag inside is red satin and it hides a pocket and a ribbon with a clip. The handbag has been strengthened with a [...]
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