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companera silk purse roses

Large handbags are practical. They can hold everything that I might need during a day. Or in case that without prior notice I find myself on deserted island.

A bottle of water, a notebook and some pens, something to nibble on, a torch, phone, phone charger, wallet, a collection of cosmetics products, spare tights, Swiss army knife, gloves, burned out light bulbs so I would know which ones to buy, fabric samples, small camera, a bottle of defrosting liquid, several key sets, eyeglasses, laptop, a book… Need I continue?

A while ago I have read an article that explained that when a girl goes out on a date, number of things she takes in her bag is inversely proportional to the confidence she has in the man she goes out with. Higher the confidence and feeling of security, less stuff and smaller handbag. If situation is the opposite… then larger handbag.

Nonsense, I thought at first. Then I thought about my dating experiences. And thought some more. And finally I had to agree with the article’s statement.

Introducing Compañera, the bag I use when I go out with my darling. I do not need any larger!

companera silk purse

Gentle and soft Compañera is my creation. I made it from sleeves of silk shirt with white and red stripes. It is decorated with roses which I made from satin ribbon, and it has been hand and machine stitched. Inside is made from white viscose with red polka dots. The bag is 13 cm high, around 15 cm wide and it closes with a purse frame.

companera silk purse with stripes

companera silk purse top view

companera silk purse on a palm