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I love taking photos – that is a great joy!

For me, one of sure ways to relax is to take the camera and capture moments and sights around me. It is like meditation, I focus on a motif and on the shoot and as everything around me becomes subdued, I feel calm and balanced.

Sometimes, however, sometimes… when I want to tell a story, I have trouble with inspiration. How to tell, how to compose, what to emphasize. For example, when I want to tell about the inspiration for a handbag. Then I grind my teeth wondering whether the reason for the trouble is that have said what I wanted to say with the handbag already. Mare has expressed herself, and expressing again is a challenge?

What do I do then? Well, then I spend time with the handbag… and hope for the inspiration. Or I ask the bag to model while I circle around it clicking away. If I click enough, the inspiration will come? Or I would finally find the frame I have been looking for and be able to say exactly what I wanted to say?

Even if that means that a handbag is going to the beach with me, carefully packed in a beach tote, as this time the Three colours blue has? I though it would be a good idea to describe the handbag in the environment that inspired me. Have I succeeded?

Three colours blue is the handbag I made from fabric that to me looks like the sea when I dive without a mask and look around. I draw sea grass on it with stitches, added silver bubbles of air and folded sided of the bag into waves. The bag is strengthened with interfacing for firmness and shape. Top of the handles is on the height of 40 cm from the bottom of the bag. The bottom of the handbag has been strengthened as well, so the bag would not sag, it is 22 cm long and 10 cm wide.

handbag three colours blue bubbles

handbag three colors blue inside