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the spring dress fabric handbag cherry tree

I often mention the cherry tree across the street. The biggest cherry tree I have ever seen, magnificently dominating the view. I am looking at it now while I am sitting at my desk, windows of my living room face the cherry tree and it is enough to raise my eyes from the screen. The tree is beautiful in the winter with its branches bare. It is beautiful in the summer dressed in leaves. In spring, when it wears its blossom dress, it takes my breath away. And the tree put on that dress – yesterday! I could not notice the flowers the day before – they were still buds. Yesterday, the tree just presented itself in all its beauty.

I often mention the cherry tree in my garden as well, I believe. It is a young tree, I planted it three years ago, entertaining neighbors as I was falling into the hole I was digging and causing myself muscle ache as I was not accustomed to digging. I caress it, I speak gently to it, I give it supplements, I shape its branches. It blossomed yesterday as well. In the morning I was besides myself with happiness when I discovered that the first flower this year has blossomed. Until dusk, there were seven of them. Today, there are thirteen. Yes, I really do count the flowers on the cherry tree. I look at them admiring the nature waking up.

Last year, around this time I took a photo of the big cherry tree. In the summer, I played with an idea of having photos on the handbags and submitted the blossoming cherry tree photo for a handbag design competition. A friend liked the idea, so another friend wanted to surprise her with a gift. I withdrew the proposal from the competition and designed and made a handbag myself.

Until the morning view on the cherries, stay well!



the spring dress fabric handbag

the spring dress fabric handbag blossom

the spring dress fabric handbag sky

the spring dress fabric handbag view inside

I made the Spring dress handbag from cotton fabric with a photo of the cherry tree across my street. The bag inside is made of cotton fabric with blue and white stripes and it hides a pocket and a ribbon with a clip. The handbag has been strengthened with a layer of interfacing for firmness and shape. It closes with magnetic snap button. The handbag body is 25 cm high, 40 cm wide and the top of the handles is on the height of 50 cm from the bottom of the bag. The bottom of the handbag has been strengthened so it would not sag, it is 30 cm long and 10 cm wide.

the spring dress fabric handbag cotton fabric and stripes

the spring dress fabric handbag cherry blossom