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Second Life

I’ve added a new category to this blog, second life. Second life are handbags made from fabric that used to be something else in the previous life, like a jacket, a skirt or a pair of trousers. I used to repurpose already as a kid. In those days, repurposing was primarily motivated by me imagining [...]

Stork’s Bag

For diapers and anything else that a new mum might need. Canvas fabric outside, cotton fabric inside, closes with a zip on top. Reinforced bottom. Twelve pockets – inside, outside, on the sides, some of them closing with Velcro, elastic or zipper. This shoulder bag can also be attached to the pram [...]


Peach was hidden in 70-ies dress. One kiss, a bit of magic, and now she’ll take her tiny wallet, the phone, a lipstick, her keys and dance into a new life! Oh-la-la!


Cheerful spring tote with two large flower brooches.
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