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Little Lady

I wrote before that sometimes I have got a problem with inspiration for a photo shoot. Sometimes I have a very clear idea of how I would like to show a handbag in a photo. But when I am a model holding the bag in her hands – what then? Then I try to force my idea of how the photo should look like [...]


Large handbags are practical. They can hold everything that I might need during a day. Or in case that without prior notice I find myself on deserted island. A bottle of water, a notebook and some pens, something to nibble on, a torch, phone, phone charger, wallet, a collection of cosmetics [...]


Thick fibers, soft surface, color given by the nature – homespun linen. Beautiful to touch, showing different faces under different light. Light and airy handbag for Pina.


Missy snuck on. A blink of an eye, and she is sitting on the sofa asking for attention.


Stripey has been hidden in kid’s overalls found in a heap of used clothes at the flea market.
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