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Violet Bats

Bats hibernate during the winter. In caves. The spring is coming and they are waking up. To honor that, I greet them with a school bag. I made the bag from linen artist’s canvas, one of my favorite fabrics. I made bats applique using violet linen fabric. Contours of wines that are waking up like [...]

Purple Magic

In Disney’s „Sleeping Beauty“, good fairies are godmothers to the Beauty. The fairies made a luxurious dress for the Beauty for her dance with the Prince, but they could not agree on the colour of the dress. One of the fairies thought that the dress should be blue, the other wanted it to be [...]

The Bat Bag

Krešo, Kruno, Kesten i Karlo are bats that do not hibernate in the winter, great company in any time of the year, spring, summer, autumn or winter.


Maybe swirls of morning glory climbing, maybe the magic beans. Maybe whirlpools in a river. Hair locks, foam in a cup of coffee. The Milky Way. Presenting Arabesque handbag.


For little girls and their Mums.
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