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Vienna Staatsoper - State Opera

Vienna Walks: Breakfast at Sacher’s

I was in Vienna two weeks ago. For a very short break, visiting my friend Andreas. First, he was throwing a birthday party. It was great, I enjoyed it a lot and I was glad to spend some time with people that I haven’t met for a while. Second, Vienna is a beautiful city, with so many things to see [...]
Photo gallery cherry tree blossom

It Is That Week of the Year: Cherry Tree Blossom

Oh dear, the time… It is so late, I got lost in time. I’m sorting my photos. I listen to the rain, fresh air is coming inside and it has the fragrance of spring. And spring has that wonderful week when cherry trees bloom. There is not much I need to say about it. These are the sights from the [...]
picking immortelle at dawn flowers

Picking Immortelle at Dawn

Immortelle, Helichrysum italicum, is one of Mediterranean medicinal herbs with the longest history of use. Immortelle essential oil is beneficial in many ways, from having calming effect on the mind to healing effect on the skin. It takes several tons (yes, tons) of immortelle flowers to produce [...]
handmade fair karlovac june 2012

Handmade Exhibition Karlovac

Seventh Festival of independent culture, Unconquered Town is taking place there days in Karlovac. The festival is organized by Domachi, Association for creative development, and during the festival you can visit movie shows, exhibitions, workshops, performances, open air theatre shows and other [...]
hand embroidery workshop observing and assisting

Hand Embroidery Workshop

7th Creative Happening, a gathering of craftswomen and craftsmen organized by Viva Kreativa and OmnisArt took place in Zagreb on Saturday. The gathering provides crafters with an opportunity to exhibit their work and exchange experiences, and it gives visitors a chance to see that imagination and [...]
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