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handmade linen bread basket with fish motif

Al Fresco Breakfast and a Brand New Bread Basket

The heat of this summer has finally woken me up from this loooong hibernation! Good morning! :-) I love al fresco dining. A lot. Since I was a kid. When I was not in a mood to eat something (and I was a very picky eater), sure way to get me to eat was to set up a table outside. Or just put put a [...]

About Owls

Owls live in my neighborhood. Sometimes I hear them, sometimes I catch a glimpse of them silently flying in the dusk. Most probably they are Tawny Owls, Strix aluco, but I yet have to see them properly. I’m reading about owls and here are several things I have learned so far about my neighbors, [...]

Happy little shoes for happy little feet

Soft and warm felt for delicate baby feet. Made with love, stitched by hand.


Maybe swirls of morning glory climbing, maybe the magic beans. Maybe whirlpools in a river. Hair locks, foam in a cup of coffee. The Milky Way. Presenting Arabesque handbag.
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