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brown linen fabric clutch bag with olive wood heart and hand embroidered heart motif

Love Bags

My friend Olive Tree makes unique jewellery and other thingies from Mediterranean olive wood. I like his work very much. Each piece is beautiful in its own way, it has its own story told by rings and patterns of olive wood. They are beautiful visually, and they are equally beautiful to touch – [...]
front pockets


Sunshine-rain, rain-sunshine. Everything in the garden is growing and blossoming. And a new bag model grew on my kitchen table. It is not small, it is not large, the size is just right, somewhere in between. I started to play with paper, then test fabric, adding a bit, taking out a bit… When I am [...]

Spring Handbag

Green, I love green! Every now and then, while I work, I treat myself with a look through the windows. I am very lucky that through them I see green, green, green. Trees, bushes, flowers. Cherry trees, cypresses, cedar tree, spruces, tulips, grass, daisies, dandelions, blossoming strawberries, [...]


Thick fibers, soft surface, color given by the nature – homespun linen. Beautiful to touch, showing different faces under different light. Light and airy handbag for Pina.


Missy snuck on. A blink of an eye, and she is sitting on the sofa asking for attention.
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