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hand embroidery tutorial lazy daisy stitch

Hand Embroidery: Lazy Daisy Stitch Tutorial

At hand embroidery workshop in May I showed how to embroider in stem stitch, chain stitch, French knot stitch and lazy daisy stitch. Ladies who participated in the workshop tried each of the stitches, and used all of them for the final work, hand embroidered heart – licitar. I already published [...]
hand embroidered snowflake pendant and necklace

Snowflake Necklace

Proper autumn weather these days. Sometimes chilly, mainly grey and rainy at times. A few weeks ago we had the first snow of the season. Saturday morning, I get up, take a look through the window to the garden, and there… there is snow on the ground, bushes, trees! This is how it looked [...]
hand embroidery tutorial french knot stitch

French Knot Stitch Tutorial

I am doing a lot of embroidery these days and I love it. However, it would be time to put the needle and thread aside for a while and describe the next simple embroidery stitch: French knot stitch. French knot tutorial is here – have you got your fabric, embroidery thread and embroidery needle [...]
handmade handbag with karlovac renaissance star fortress embroidery size

Louise, dedicated to Karlovac and its renaissance star town heart

Karlovac was built in the 16th century. The construction of the town begun on 13 July 1579 – the town’s birthday! The town was build as a renaissance fortress in shape of six-pointed star. With central square and rectangular network of houses and streets inside of the star, trenches with water [...]
hand embroidered jeans necklaces

Handmade designer jewelry: jeans, embroidery and some metal

There are pieces of clothing I’ve got that are decorated with hand embroidery. I love to decorate bags with it. I even once embroidered motifs on shoe laces of favorite pair of shoes… ok, that might have been a bit extreme:) With my inclination towards unique accessories and handmade designer [...]
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