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Sea Breeze

Turquoise as the colour of the sea under the noon sun of the south, turquoise as the colour of my friend’s eyes when she dances, enjoying the waves of music. My friend is in love with the Adriatic Sea, with beaches, with rocks, with sand, with relaxing naps in the gentle sunshine, with blue and [...]


Sorting the stash, my Mum and I found a piece of red microfiber fabric. Velvety, soft, gentle to touch, warm red colour. Mum wanted to know whether it would be possible to make a handbag from such fabric. Of course! My Mum has a habit of discreetly hinting her wishes. Whether she did it this time [...]

Purple Magic

In Disney’s „Sleeping Beauty“, good fairies are godmothers to the Beauty. The fairies made a luxurious dress for the Beauty for her dance with the Prince, but they could not agree on the colour of the dress. One of the fairies thought that the dress should be blue, the other wanted it to be [...]
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