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Afternoon photo shoot

I am an accomplished procrastinator. I do not have to do this-or-that today, I can do it tomorrow. First thing in the morning. Well, afternoon will be fine too. Although, I could do it over the weekend. Or after the weekend, early in the week. But I am not in a hurry, if it is done by mid-week, it [...]

Spring Handbag

Green, I love green! Every now and then, while I work, I treat myself with a look through the windows. I am very lucky that through them I see green, green, green. Trees, bushes, flowers. Cherry trees, cypresses, cedar tree, spruces, tulips, grass, daisies, dandelions, blossoming strawberries, [...]


Large handbags are practical. They can hold everything that I might need during a day. Or in case that without prior notice I find myself on deserted island. A bottle of water, a notebook and some pens, something to nibble on, a torch, phone, phone charger, wallet, a collection of cosmetics [...]

Happy little shoes for happy little feet

Soft and warm felt for delicate baby feet. Made with love, stitched by hand.

Weekend of Green Brooches

The brooch-lover wished for a green brooch. I thought – why not three?
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