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Chocolate and Flora

Two cookie pendants have been hanging about my place for a while. They look so real that occasionally they were in danger of being bitten on, so I had to do something about it. I took some chocolate colour corduroy and made a bag for them, Chocolate. Chocolate is accompanied by Flora, and Flora [...]

How I make felt brooches

I got a comment that my fingers and nails look like I’ve been stitching by hand. That’s correct, I did a lot of hand stitching making felt rose brooches. How do I make them? The story is in the pictures! Materials: thick wool felt, several beads, sewing thread, embroidery thread, pin. Tools, of [...]

Blue Bunnies

Happy little shoes for happy little feet, hand stitched two layers of soft thin felt.

Happy little shoes for happy little feet

Soft and warm felt for delicate baby feet. Made with love, stitched by hand.


For little girls and their Mums.
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