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handmade linen bread basket with fish motif

Al Fresco Breakfast and a Brand New Bread Basket

The heat of this summer has finally woken me up from this loooong hibernation! Good morning! :-) I love al fresco dining. A lot. Since I was a kid. When I was not in a mood to eat something (and I was a very picky eater), sure way to get me to eat was to set up a table outside. Or just put put a [...]

Decorating myself, rather than my kitchen

I have a talent for getting my clothes stained. Sometimes it seems that stains are simply looking for me and using every chance to get onto my clothes. Of course, one of the best opportunities to get stained is when I cook. So I always use an apron, I think that aprons are fantastically practical [...]

Searching for the right tools

Many times while I work I catch myself grinding my teeth in frustration – every new technique requires exploration of ideas, trials and errors. That’s how it is when discovering new areas, and I actually enjoy it a lot. Drawing on fabric is an idea that got hold on me recently. Drawings have to be [...]

On the beach

Summer, Sun, an island, the sea, a beach. My darling and me. At ease, relaxing, in slow motion. But somehow I can not be in slow motion for any significant period of time: „Dearest, would you like to swim to that small island there?“, „Hm, we jut got out of the sea.“ Well, yes, our fingertips are [...]

Tulips and Ladybirds

… butterflies… spring!
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