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Waterfall Handbag

Have you been to Plitvice Lakes National Park? Or, how often do you visit the Lakes? I haven’t for a while and it is about time to plan a trip. I love waters, I love forests, and spending some time at Plitvice Lakes is a celebration to me. The air is fresh and it has a wonderful scent. Shades of [...]

Little Lady

I wrote before that sometimes I have got a problem with inspiration for a photo shoot. Sometimes I have a very clear idea of how I would like to show a handbag in a photo. But when I am a model holding the bag in her hands – what then? Then I try to force my idea of how the photo should look like [...]

Decorating myself, rather than my kitchen

I have a talent for getting my clothes stained. Sometimes it seems that stains are simply looking for me and using every chance to get onto my clothes. Of course, one of the best opportunities to get stained is when I cook. So I always use an apron, I think that aprons are fantastically practical [...]


Peach was hidden in 70-ies dress. One kiss, a bit of magic, and now she’ll take her tiny wallet, the phone, a lipstick, her keys and dance into a new life! Oh-la-la!

Dotty’s Sister

Dotty has got a sister!
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