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Chocolate and Flora

Two cookie pendants have been hanging about my place for a while. They look so real that occasionally they were in danger of being bitten on, so I had to do something about it. I took some chocolate colour corduroy and made a bag for them, Chocolate. Chocolate is accompanied by Flora, and Flora [...]

Corduroy and Mushrooms

Traveling on old roads passing by forests can make me happy in many ways. Last year, in autumn, we took such a road. We were driving and talking how great would it be to stumble upon someone who has just been in the forest, picking mushrooms, and wants to sell them. And it happened. We stumbled [...]

Dotty’s Sister

Dotty has got a sister!


Summer cotton skirt, chocolate colour with white dots has been asking for a transformation. Some cutting and sewing later, and it started its second life as Dotty.
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