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Corduroy and Mushrooms

Traveling on old roads passing by forests can make me happy in many ways. Last year, in autumn, we took such a road. We were driving and talking how great would it be to stumble upon someone who has just been in the forest, picking mushrooms, and wants to sell them. And it happened. We stumbled [...]

Trouble with photo shoots

I love taking photos – that is a great joy! For me, one of sure ways to relax is to take the camera and capture moments and sights around me. It is like meditation, I focus on a motif and on the shoot and as everything around me becomes subdued, I feel calm and balanced. Sometimes, however, [...]


Mmm… fruit. Scents, tastes, colours, textures. This time of the year, late summer, warm and ripe. There is a high arbour over a large part of the courtyard in which I used to spend my time when I was a kid. A grapevine climbs it. The grapevine is called Izabela. It is not widely appreciated [...]

Blue Bunnies

Happy little shoes for happy little feet, hand stitched two layers of soft thin felt.


Thick fibers, soft surface, color given by the nature – homespun linen. Beautiful to touch, showing different faces under different light. Light and airy handbag for Pina.
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