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Chick’s Bag

Sometimes I surprise myself with treasures I stumble upon in my own stash. In this case, the treasure is paper napkin which I haven’t used at lunch at friends’ place, but rather took it home and stashed it. I could not resist cute chicks drawing. I have never tried decoupage before, and as these [...]

The Bat Bag

Krešo, Kruno, Kesten i Karlo are bats that do not hibernate in the winter, great company in any time of the year, spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Stork’s Bag

For diapers and anything else that a new mum might need. Canvas fabric outside, cotton fabric inside, closes with a zip on top. Reinforced bottom. Twelve pockets – inside, outside, on the sides, some of them closing with Velcro, elastic or zipper. This shoulder bag can also be attached to the pram [...]

Ladybirds Tote

Ladybrids love to socialize. If you see one, look around, you are sure to see more.


Euonymus flowers went for a walk. They took a sip of magic potion on the way and that made them grow.
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