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spring green linen handbag

Green, I love green!

Every now and then, while I work, I treat myself with a look through the windows.

I am very lucky that through them I see green, green, green. Trees, bushes, flowers. Cherry trees, cypresses, cedar tree, spruces, tulips, grass, daisies, dandelions, blossoming strawberries, buds on jasmine bush. I live in a park and I love it! Every look outside brings me more energy and inspiration.

I never have enough of looking at plants, of listening to sounds of leaves, of gentle breeze in the branches, of watching the bees on flowers, of touch of grass on my bare feet. In the opulence and celebration of spring, I need to state that with a bag too.

spring green linen handbag ladybird

Spring bag is my creation. I made it from green linen fabric and the flowers on it from cotton and linen fabric in different colours. Inside is made from green fabric with white polka dots. It is around 20 cm high, around 30 cm wide and it can be carried on the shoulder or across the body, the length of the handle can be adjusted. The bag closes with a zipper. Inside hides a pocket and a ribbon with a swivel clip to hold the keys or any other important thing.

spring green linen handbag going for a walk

spring green linen handbag dots

spring green linen handbag handle

spring green linen handbag hello

spring green linen handbag flowers

spring green linen handbag yellow