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chicks bag

Sometimes I surprise myself with treasures I stumble upon in my own stash. In this case, the treasure is paper napkin which I haven’t used at lunch at friends’ place, but rather took it home and stashed it. I could not resist cute chicks drawing.

chicks bag paper napkin

I have never tried decoupage before, and as these days I have bought special glue for decoupage on fabric. When I stumbled upon chicks on the napkin, I knew they were just perfect for the first try.

Instructions on the glue say that after a day of drying and „baking“ under hot iron decoupage is permanent on the fabric and can be washed.

chicks bag paper napkin

So let us see. I used the smallest and sharpest scissors to carefully cut out the chicks and grass from the napkin. Following the instructions, I put some glue on the fabric, placed almost transparent layer of napkin paper on the fabric and put some glue on it.

chicks bag wash

The next day, after the glue has dried and „baked“ under the hot iron, I prepared a warm bath with detergent for the chicks – to see how they handle being washed. They handle it more than well, they hold to the fabric as if they have been woven into it. Excellent! I have chosen magenta and strong yellow cotton for other fabrics on the bag, made the model and some cutting and sewing later – the chick were smiling from the bag!

chicks bag decoupage

Chick’s bag has been made from linen fabric on which I have put the motif using decoupage technique. The bag has been strengthened with a layer of interfacing for firmness and shape. Inside is made from magenta cotton fabric, it hides a pocket and a ribbon with a swivel clip. The bag is 22 cm high and 33 cm wide, the handle is 45 cm long. The bag closes with a zipper, and the handle has clips on its ends to it can be can be detached and re-attached.

chicks bag folds

chicks bag handle

chicks bag inside

chicks bag hello