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red velvet cocktail hat making

Do you like pre-holiday times and parties that are starting? I do! And every time, I am panicking, of course – what to wear, how to assemble the outfit. This week, a party that I had been looking forward took place, a holiday party, and the dress code, well, the same. Ok, I have got a red satin cocktail dress, suits perfectly. However – how to make it look new, which accessories to use? I could make a handbag, but… thinking… with a cocktail dress – why not a cocktail hat? I always wanted to have a cocktail hat!

Some red velvet and satin, white and red felt, satin ribbons, silver thread, beads, cutting, sewing and arranging decorations later – and a tiny hat was in front of me!

Since the moment I received the invitation, I had been happy thinking about the party, knowing it would be great. Additionally, I had impatiently been waiting for an opportunity to flaunt my first cocktail hat.

The party was mind-blowing, and as far as the hat is concerned, I had a lot of fun listening to the comments. One of my favourites is: “it looks like you have a box of chocolates on your head”, a lady told me smiling widely. Yes, I think that we should decorate ourselves exactly with such things: boxes of chocolates, satin ribbons and wide smiles!

red velvet cocktail hat with large felt flower

red velvet cocktail hat flower

red velvet cocktail hat inside

red velvet cocktail hat

Be merry!