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red festive apron cooking

I have a talent for getting my clothes stained. Sometimes it seems that stains are simply looking for me and using every chance to get onto my clothes. Of course, one of the best opportunities to get stained is when I cook. So I always use an apron, I think that aprons are fantastically practical things.

Looking at red fabric that I am sewing with these days, I got an idea: I am going to decorate myself, rather than decorating my kitchen! I took some red cotton fabric, designed, cut and sewn an apron. Two bows and some tiny pleats. To give it holiday touch, I painted snowflakes on it with fabric paint and added a bit of shine with silver thread stitches. Now I just have to choose which cakes I am going to make!

red festive apron

red festive apron ribbons and bows

red festive apron snowflakes

red festive apron snowflake detail

Happy cooking!