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purple magic clutch bag music

In Disney’s „Sleeping Beauty“, good fairies are godmothers to the Beauty. The fairies made a luxurious dress for the Beauty for her dance with the Prince, but they could not agree on the colour of the dress. One of the fairies thought that the dress should be blue, the other wanted it to be pink.

So while the Beauty danced in her new dress, the fairies have been waving their magic wands and changing the colour of the dress – a wave and the dress would be blue, another wave and the dress would turn pink. Again and again. The dress was shining and changing nuances while the Beauty danced in the arms of her Prince.

A roll of silk in the fabric shop I frequently visit looked exactly like that to me. Light purple when I would look at it from one angle, dark and violet when I would look from another angle. Smiling at me in different nuances at different times of day, finally it seduced me so I bought a piece and made a formal bag from it.

purple magic clutch bag

Purple magic is made from silk fabric, strengthened to keep the shape. Inside is made from shiny violet fabric, it hides a pocket and a ribbon with a swivel clip. The bag is 20 cm high, 34 cm long and it closes with a zipper. The colour of Purple magic changes nuances under different light and it can change its decorations – the bag has two brooches, one of them silk roses with some beads, the other with glass balls on felt holly leaves.

purple magic clutch bag roses

purple magic clutch bag folds

purple magic clutch bag holly

purple magic clutch bag inside