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picking immortelle at dawn just before dawn

Immortelle, Helichrysum italicum, is one of Mediterranean medicinal herbs with the longest history of use. Immortelle essential oil is beneficial in many ways, from having calming effect on the mind to healing effect on the skin.

It takes several tons (yes, tons) of immortelle flowers to produce 10 ml of immortelle essential oil. Apart from using the essential oil, you can enjoy immortelle effects by using macerated oil. For macerated oil, flowers are soaked in base oil, i.e. olive oil, and then left soaking for a month during which flowers transfer their magic to the oil.

A friend of mine makes natural cosmetics, and immortelle macerated oil is one of the things he is going to make these days. Immortelle is blossoming, so we picked some. Aromatic herbs should be picked at dawn, as that is the time when concentration of essential oils is the highest. During the day, under the sun, some of the oil content evaporates. The other reason for doing this at dawn? It would be really hard to pick herbs under blazing summer sun…

This is how our immortelle picking campaign looked like, yesterday morning at southern part of Rab island.

Immortelle has immediately after the campaign been soaked in olive oil, now we are going to wait for a month for our immortelle oil. Patiently.



picking immortelle at dawn hill

picking immortelle at dawn flowers

picking immortelle at dawn girls and boys

picking immortelle at dawn field

picking immortelle at dawn sun rising

And then sun started to rise and gently touch everything, waking up intensity in all the colours around us.

picking immortelle at dawn rock and flowers

picking immortelle at dawn yellow

picking immortelle at dawn intense colour

picking immortelle at down plant

picking immortelle at dawn flowers

picking immortelle at down by the sea