upcycled blue jeans handbag

Rockette, Upcycled Blue Jeans Handbag

  My friend has many faces: a mother, a wife, an MD, dance lover… this is just the beginning. Rock chick is one of her faces too. And what does a rock chic do with her favorite blue jeans? She wears them until they fall apart. Until they they are torn, until those torn areas can be elegantly [...]
Vienna Staatsoper - State Opera

Vienna Walks: Breakfast at Sacher’s

I was in Vienna two weeks ago. For a very short break, visiting my friend Andreas. First, he was throwing a birthday party. It was great, I enjoyed it a lot and I was glad to spend some time with people that I haven’t met for a while. Second, Vienna is a beautiful city, with so many things to see [...]
Formal velvet and satin handbags

Velvet and Satin Formal Handbags

It happens occasionally that I work on a bag, then just put it aside for a while. And then I start to work on something else. And than on something else again… So two weeks ago, trying to bring some order to current projects, I noticed that I’ve got three handbags in different phases of work: One [...]
Photo gallery cherry tree blossom

It Is That Week of the Year: Cherry Tree Blossom

Oh dear, the time… It is so late, I got lost in time. I’m sorting my photos. I listen to the rain, fresh air is coming inside and it has the fragrance of spring. And spring has that wonderful week when cherry trees bloom. There is not much I need to say about it. These are the sights from the [...]
how to install magnetic snap

How to Install Magnetic Snap Closure

Oh, I haven’t written for so long! I have been working and making and making and working. Among other things, handbags for which I used my good friends, magnetic snaps. Being so, I made a photo story: tutorial on how to install magnetic snap closure.   Magnetic snap set consist of one female, one [...]
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