felt bunny in the garden

Zdenko the Bunny

Bunnies and daffodils and tulips and all the beauty of early spring. Celebrating that, let me introduce Zdenko the Bunny! Would you like to make such a bunny? You will need: some felt, a piece of fabric in another colour, something to fill the bunny with – like fabric scraps or filling for [...]

Playing with felt

We played with felt over the weekend. My primary-school friends, their Mums and a Dad gathered at my place and we were making felt flowers and accessories. We were cutting the felt and assembling it into flowers using the hot glue. We used them to make bouquets, brooches, headbands and hair clips. [...]

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt

Last week I was in the Netherlands. I love the Netherlands very much, there are many reasons for it – why and what, another time. I was on the south, in the Province of Limburg, visited friends in Rotterdam, then spent a few days wandering around Amsterdam. There are many places in the city that I [...]

Improvised lightbox

A lightbox is useful-to-necessary piece of photo equipment. Simply described, it is a large box without the front side, while other sides are glowing light, resulting in the light inside the box being diffuse. Such light makes it possible to take photos without shadows, without flash burns, in [...]

Decorating myself, rather than my kitchen

I have a talent for getting my clothes stained. Sometimes it seems that stains are simply looking for me and using every chance to get onto my clothes. Of course, one of the best opportunities to get stained is when I cook. So I always use an apron, I think that aprons are fantastically practical [...]
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