hand embroidery tutorial lazy daisy stitch

Hand Embroidery: Lazy Daisy Stitch Tutorial

At hand embroidery workshop in May I showed how to embroider in stem stitch, chain stitch, French knot stitch and lazy daisy stitch. Ladies who participated in the workshop tried each of the stitches, and used all of them for the final work, hand embroidered heart – licitar. I already published [...]
hand embroidery tutorial french knot stitch

French Knot Stitch Tutorial

I am doing a lot of embroidery these days and I love it. However, it would be time to put the needle and thread aside for a while and describe the next simple embroidery stitch: French knot stitch. French knot tutorial is here – have you got your fabric, embroidery thread and embroidery needle [...]
picking immortelle at dawn flowers

Picking Immortelle at Dawn

Immortelle, Helichrysum italicum, is one of Mediterranean medicinal herbs with the longest history of use. Immortelle essential oil is beneficial in many ways, from having calming effect on the mind to healing effect on the skin. It takes several tons (yes, tons) of immortelle flowers to produce [...]
hand embroidery tutorial chain stitch

Chain Stitch Tutorial

It is hot these days. As it is supposed to be in July:) Do you practice siesta during which you do not do a thing, or are you thinking how to employ your fingers while sitting in a shade? If threads and needles are at hand, I have got a suggestion – let’s do next hand embroidery stitch: chain [...]
handmade fair karlovac june 2012

Handmade Exhibition Karlovac

Seventh Festival of independent culture, Unconquered Town is taking place there days in Karlovac. The festival is organized by Domachi, Association for creative development, and during the festival you can visit movie shows, exhibitions, workshops, performances, open air theatre shows and other [...]
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