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I wrote before that sometimes I have got a problem with inspiration for a photo shoot.

Sometimes I have a very clear idea of how I would like to show a handbag in a photo. But when I am a model holding the bag in her hands – what then? Then I try to force my idea of how the photo should look like into someone else’s head. Most often to my darling’s. For the record, my darling takes great photos, but here the point is in me having an idea and trying to explain the idea to him while I hold the bag.

„No, not portrait, landscape, please!“

„Not like that, play a bit with the depth of field.“

„I do not like the angle, will you try again?“


That is how the photo shoot for this little bag looked like. Until I realized that my darling is reaching the limit of his patience.

„Please, have the bag, hold it like this, I will take a photo and show you what I mean.“ Click and there she is, Little Lady in gentleman’s hands, beard and all. Out of focus and inverted depth of field, but speaking a thousand of words.

„Something like that.“

„Aha, something like that“, my darling said. In click-two he took just the photo I had in my mind.

My darling is actually much more patient than I like to admit. Not to give him a chance to exercise any conceit, I will keep that thought to myself ;)


I made the Little Lady from cotton fabric with green and white stripes. The fabric was a remnant of old kid’s trousers described in the post about Stripey handbag. I made yellow roses from satin ribbon and hand embroidered the vines with the chain stitch. Inside of the little bag is made from green fabric with white polka dots. The bag is 15 cm high and 20 cm wide and it closes with a purse frame.