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snowy bag

A tote with flowers, but a snowy tote. Snowy because it is made of warm fabric, because its colours look like winter and snow, and snowy because just as I was finishing it, it started snowing for the first time this winter.

Why did I make a white bag? Because white fabric bag sounds quite impractical. It looks like it could get dirty quickly – and what then? Well, when I hear that something is not possible, not practical, not-whatever, I get an urge to show that is not necessarily the case.

Getting dirty, getting stained, and getting things to show wear and tear… It is a kind of talent. Not making any effort, I will find ways to get my clothes or a bag dirty. Stains seem to be jumping on me. I am not annoyed by that. I rather make sure that things I use are simple to wash and clean. The same with bags. Yes, light coloured bag will show it is getting dirty quicker than dark coloured bag. But then I make it in such a way that once it gets dirty, I simply put it in the washing machine and wash using gentle cycle at 300 C. There is nothing in the bag that would dissolve or get damaged in the wash. The fabrics are pre-washed to prevent possible unpleasant surprises with colours leaking. They are also strengthened so the bag would keep its shape. When the bag is dry, it is the same as it was before the wash. Back on my shoulder and out with me.

snowy bag corduroy trousers

I made the Snowy Bag from an old ivory-white corduroy trousers. I used brown cotton fabric with leaves pattern – from an old summer dress, to appliqué the flowers. Details on the flowers as well as the grass are hand embroidered, using cream, light green and light violet thread. The bag is 30 cm high, 45 cm wide. The bottom of the bag has been strengthened so the bag would not sag, it is 30 cm long and 12 cm wide. To add contrast, the inside of the bag is made from strong and bright green coloured cotton. Inside of the bag hides three pockets, one of them has a zipper closure, and a ribbon with a clip. The bag has two handles, they are 68 cm long and it closes with a zipper.

snowy bag fabric for flowers

snowy bag applique and embroidery details

snowy bag the other side

snowy bag green inside

snowy bag pockets

snowy bag in the snow

Sending you love from a snowy hill,