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improvised lightbox sheets

A lightbox is useful-to-necessary piece of photo equipment. Simply described, it is a large box without the front side, while other sides are glowing light, resulting in the light inside the box being diffuse. Such light makes it possible to take photos without shadows, without flash burns, in short – exactly what I needed these days.

There is enough of material and tools in the shed to construct a lightbox, but I did not have the time to build one and then take photos. I needed to take a lot of photos, and I needed to take them quickly. So I quickly improvised. Kitchen chair on the kitchen table, a bed sheet as a tent over it, fixed with clothes pegs and three lamps: my lightbox.

It might be a bit intimidating, but it does serve the purpose!

improvised lightbox

improvised lightbox on kitchen table


improvised lightbox photo shoot

improvised lightbox yellow felt flower

improvised lightbox blue felt flower