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felt bunny in the garden

Bunnies and daffodils and tulips and all the beauty of early spring. Celebrating that, let me introduce Zdenko the Bunny!

Would you like to make such a bunny?

You will need: some felt, a piece of fabric in another colour, something to fill the bunny with – like fabric scraps or filling for pillows, two eyes, embroidery thread and sewing thread. Further on, of course: scissors, sewing needle, embroidery needle, sewing machine and hot glue gun.

felt bunny materials

The bunny pattern is here, the bunny pattern.

Cut two felt rectangles for the body. Transfer the body contour onto felt using transfer paper, tailors pencil or chalk. Draw the bunny’s nose and mouth. Cut the felt and the other fabric for ears, two pieces of each. Have in mind that you should add around centimeter of felt/fabric at the bottom of ears in order to sew them in. Cut the „sole“ from felt.

felt bunny fabric pieces

Sew single piece of other fabric onto single piece of felt, for ears. Stitch along what will be the inside of the ear. Do it twice, for two ears.

felt bunny stitching ears

Cut the other fabric a millimeter or two from the line you have just stitched and ears are finished.

felt bunny cutting ears

Embroider the nose and the mouth onto the felt with embroidery thread. Instead of using plastic eyes and attaching them using the glue, you can embroider them. If you are going to embroider the eyes, do it now.

felt bunny nose embroidery

Fold the outside of the felt towards the inside and secure folds with pins.

felt bunny folding ears

Make a sandwich from two felt body rectangles and place ears on the top of the bunny’s head. Make sure to insert a centimeter at the bottom of ears below the line on the top of the bunny’s head.

felt bunny putting together

Assemble the bunny stitching along the drawn contour of the body, leaving the bottom of the body open – that will be the opening through which you will fill the bunny and to which you will attach the „sole“.

felt bunny machine stitching

Cut the felt two millimeters outside the stitched line. Be careful not to get carried away – you should not cut off the bunny’s ears! Felt layers at that part of the head should be cut separately.

felt bunny shape

Fill the bunny. I used the filling from an old pillow.

felt bunny filling

Place the „sole“ to the bottom and secure it with pins.

felt bunny sole

Stitch around the „sole“ and by doing so close the bunny.

felt bunny closing

Mark the places for eyes using tailors pencil or chalk.

felt bunny marking

Glue the eyes using hot glue.

felt bunny eyes

And Zdenko the Bunny is finished! When he puts on his spring bow tie he will be ready for a date with his sweetheart!

felt bunny

Have fun! If you will be making bunnies using this tutorial, I would love to see them, drop me a line.




Please have in mind that this tutorial is for your personal use only, not for sale nor distribution.