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felt brooches

I got a comment that my fingers and nails look like I’ve been stitching by hand. That’s correct, I did a lot of hand stitching making felt rose brooches. How do I make them? The story is in the pictures!

felt rose brooch materials

Materials: thick wool felt, several beads, sewing thread, embroidery thread, pin. Tools, of course: scissors, sewing needles, maybe a felting needle.

felt rose brooch parts

I like blue and white combination. I cut a piece of white felt of approximate length 20 cm and width 3 cm for the flower, and rounded the ends. I used blue felt for leaves.

felt rose needle felting

Depending on the felt I use, I might do a bit of additional needle felting, just to help it with firmness and shape.

felt rose brooch sewing

I start from the center of the rose, taking one of the narrow ends of white felt, folding it and attaching with several stitches.

felt rose brooch stitching

I continue folding the felt around, giving shape to the rose that way and stitching.

felt rose brooch flower

And I made a rose!

felt rose brooch beads

To add some luster I attach several beads in the center.

felt rose brooch leaves

Then I stitch the leaves to the back of the rose, one by one.

felt rose brooch decorative stitches

I use embroidery thread to add a simple stitch at the edges of leaves.

felt rose brooch pin

Finally, I stitch a safety pin to the back of the brooch.

felt rose brooch

VoilĂ , felt rose-brooch!