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handmade linen bread basket with fish motif

Al Fresco Breakfast and a Brand New Bread Basket

The heat of this summer has finally woken me up from this loooong hibernation! Good morning! :-) I love al fresco dining. A lot. Since I was a kid. When I was not in a mood to eat something (and I was a very picky eater), sure way to get me to eat was to set up a table outside. Or just put put a [...]
decorative linen pillowcase with photography pillow on the couch

There is No Place Like Home

So, as I already stated, when I want to give a present to someone, I prefer the present to be something I have made myself and something that has a meaning to the recipient. Do I ever give presents to myself? On seldom occasions. But still, I do! This is a photo I took at my parents place. Glass [...]

Tulips Tablecloth

Large and rich linen fabric tablecloth. Natural colour, tulips applique, red, wine red, yellow and white, linen and cotton.


Animal kingdom on tablecloths.


Found their places on tablecloths.
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