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Front Row Society from Berlin follows a concept of fashion democracy, giving designers and opportunity to create together with consumers and giving an opportunity to people interested in fashion to decide on what is trendy. They believe that fresh ideas come from everywhere so they opened a competition for a bag pattern design. The model of the bag is predefined and the topic is Walk in the Park.

The winning design will decorate the handbag which will be produced in a limited edition of 100 pieces. Best design proposals are chosen by voting and then a panel of judges decides on the winning design.

Votes are accepted until 15 October 2011, and in order to vote or comment on designs registration at Front Row Society site is required.

The challenge and the topic intrigued me so I prepared several proposals and entered them into the competition: elegant shape of tulips, blossoming cherry tree and fragrant lavender. Pictures of the proposals are below, click on them will show the detailed view at the competition site.

I am excited because this is the first time I have submitted my ideas for public appraisal! Any comments on or votes for them will thrill me!


handbag design contest proposal tulips bag

The Spring Dress

handbag design contest proposal spring dress bag


handbag design contest proposal mediterranean bag