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Hand embroidered handkerchief with initials

How do you choose gifts for your friends? Do you find that challenging? To me, finding a gift can be a puzzle difficult to solve – I would like to give something that is personal, nice, useful, and that will make them happy. And if possible, that should be something I can make myself…

Some months ago a friend of mine and I had a thorough discussion about gifts for gentlemen. About things that are useful and that are beautiful because they are classical. Cotton handkerchiefs were included in the agenda. My friend took his handkerchief out of his pocket (never without one!) and explained to me why it is very good for a gentleman to have a handkerchief handy at all times. In case a lady cries or sneezes so a gentleman needs to hand her a handkerchief, in case that a gentleman’s forehead perspires, in case that eyeglasses need some good cleaning… I absolutely agree :-)

So just in time for his birthday, I had the puzzle solved: personal – yes, with initials, nice – of course, useful – listed above. I’m going to make hand embroidered handkerchief, actually two, for my friend!

First I washed two large white cotton handkerchiefs – to make sure that they would not change their dimensions later in wash.

Hand embroidered handkerchief transfering pattern

Then I choose letters for the initials. As I did not feel like bothering with printing and copying onto fabric with carbon paper, I copied the letters directly from the screen to the handkerchiefs. The pencil had to be very soft, and the pressure almost none.

Hand embroidered handkerchief letters

Hand embroidered handkerchief embroidery

Using cotton thread in two shades of blue colour I hand embroidered the initials, AS, embroidering tiny stem stitch.

Hand embroidered handkerchief testing colours

It has not happened yet that the thread I use for embroidery bleeds colour when washed. But you can never be to careful, so I tested the colour old fashioned way: some water and detergent in the pot, soak the handkerchiefs, and cook them for a while. Of course, the colour holds perfectly.

Hand embroidered handkerchief personalized gift

I dare to conclude that my friend was happy with the gift, as the moment I gave him the handkerchiefs, he replaced the handkerchief that was in his pocket with one of them. That made me happy!

With love,