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grey winter bag inspiration frost

For a long time, the winter to me was… ah, hibernation mainly. Apart from occasional beautiful snow, I had an impression that everything was grey and grey for a long time and not really interesting. I think that simply, I did not observe well. Because, when I walk in the nature and look around… There might be long periods when grey clouds veil the sky, however there are so many shades, shapes and movement in the clouds. The forest might have uniform grey-brown shade from a distance, but when I come closer, and take a better look, it is like a fairy tale. From dark colours of leaves on the ground to dramatic shapes of dark branches and sparkling frost on them. The beauty is all around us, we just have to allow ourselves to see it.

grey winter fabric bag upcycled

I made the Winter bag from an old skirt, grey-cream-white wool fabric, strengthened for firmness and shape. It is decorated with two brooches, roses that I made from thick wool felt, and some hand stitches. The bag is 30 cm high, 45 cm wide. The bottom of the bag has been strengthened so the bag would not sag, it is 30 cm long and 12 cm wide. Inside of the bag is made from red cotton fabric, it hides three pockets, one of them has a zipper closure, and a ribbon with a clip. The bag has two handles, they are 68 cm long and it closes with a zipper.

grey winter fabric bag upcycled skirt

Skirt’s second life – the Winter bag has been made from grey-white woolen fabric skirt.

grey winter fabric bag

grey winter fabric bag brooches

grey winter fabric bag details

grey winter fabric bag outside

grey winter fabric bag walk