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green seductress handmade handbag in the forest

The stash. Fabric stash is a sea of cloth pieces, collected over time. Ever growing collection of craft fabrics. A fabric intrigues me and I have to have it, even if at that moment I do not know what to do with it.

I do not buy upholstery fabrics often. I remember houses and gardens motifs on the upholstery fabric that I bought in early 90-ies. It had tremendous potential for a sensational skirt, or at least I thought so. Good that tastes change over time. Later on my Mum dug out the fabric from the stash and made decorative pillows. But this is not the story about that.

In a way, it is good when fabric has been stashed for a long period. During time, quite a number of pieces have been collected, so it happens that I forget all the treasures hidden in the collection. I enjoy the discovery all over again when I stumble upon deeply hidden fabric.

On the other side, it is not good when fabric has been stashed for a long period. I make something with it and happy with the opportunities it provides, I would like to buy some more. But, if sufficient time has passed, there is a possibility that the fabric is gone from the shop. Finished. Sold. The shop has no intention of getting a new supply of it. Sigh.

That is the case with the leaf motif fabric in the photos here. Rich brow-green upholstery fabric, strong and soft, smooth and velvety, chocolate and shades of green. The shop is done with it and I can not buy it anymore. Well, I guess it is time for a new search through the treasure stash.

green seductress handmade velvet handbag

I made the Green seductress using upholstery fabric with large velvet green leaves on brown background. The bag inside is chocolate color satin and it hides a pocket and a ribbon with a clip. The handbag closes with magnetic snap button. There is a layer of interfacing inside of the bag for firmness and shape. Top of the handles is on the height of 40 cm from the bottom of the bag. The bottom of the handbag has been strengthened so it would not sag, it is 22 cm long and 10 cm wide.

green seductress handmade handbag detail

green seductress handmade handbag with large leaves pattern

green seductress handmade handbag

green seductress handmade handbag satin inside

green seductress handmade handbag chocolate satin

green seductress handmade handbag evening