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golden handmade velvet handbag inspiration forest

Do you watch the colour of leaves these days? All the nuances of red, yellow and gold, the splendor of the autumn?

I do, and I am intoxicated by them. I can not stop staring and looking for more and more and more.

My behaviour can at moments be quite annoying, my darling says. The leaves are fascinating, but when we are ouside, ha can not say a single sentence without me interrupting with something like “ah, see those leaves”, “oh, take a look at this colour shade” or “oh my, did you see that tree”.

I can not help myself. I know he notices the beauty, but I have to make sure he does not miss a single detail. Do not worry, darling, this firework does not last long and when the trees withdraw to winter rest, I will not interrupt every sentence shouting about every leaf I notice. Until another distraction comes along. Frost on branches or snow on hills.

golden handmade velvet handbag with leaves pattern

I made the Golden handbag from upholstery fabric with large velvet gold and red leaves on brown background. The bag inside is aubergine colour fabric and it hides a pocket and a ribbon with a clip. The handbag has been strengthened with a layer of interfacing for firmness and shape. It closes with magnetic snap button. Top of the handles is on the height of 40 cm from the bottom of the bag. The bottom of the handbag has been strengthened so it would not sag, it is 22 cm long and 10 cm wide.

golden handmade velvet handbag

golden handmade velvet handbag inside

golden handmade velvet handbag detail

golden handmade velvet handbag out for a walk

Enjoy the autumn!