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before and after

Old golden sandals have been hanging around my place and an idea has been brewing in my head, but only when Omnis Art Handmade announced their recycling competition Let’s recycle together I got down to work, transformed old golden sandals into new red sandals and entered them into the competition. Plus, the summer is coming and it is the time for a walk in red sandals with cherries, something I wanted for a long time. The remake story is published at Omnis Art portal and here it is as well, step-by-step to my new sandals.

sandals and materials

So… old pair of sandals, fabric, fusible interfacing, satin ribbons – around 40 cm of 5 mm wide ribbon and around 60 cm of 2 cm wide ribbon, decorations – in this case two sets of cherries, clip-on set from an old pair of earrings.

golden sandals, before

Old sandals are very comfortable, their heels are beautiful, but there is too much gold and shine and everything for my taste right now.

taking apart

I discarded ankle buckle straps. Using a knife, I partially opened soles and took out the upper parts.

sealing ribbon ends

I cut wider satin ribbon into two pieces each around 30 cm long. They will tie sandals around ankles. Narrow satin ribbon was cut into four pieces, two for each sandal. They will be glued onto heel straps. I sealed ribbon edges holding them briefly above the flame.

ribbon and glue

Heel straps did not need to be discarded; I glued the narrow ribbon onto them. Hot glue was not good for this purpose, but universal glue holds just fine.

drawing the pattern

I copied the upper part and made a simple pattern taking care that final dimension – width of the upper part, was the same as of the original upper part.

upper parts pieces

I cut the new upper part from fabric and fusible interfacing, two pieces each. Using the same materials I cut the ribbon that will act as the upper part strap. The fabric was cut a bit wider than the pattern – leaving some fabric for the hem. I left the sides wider – that extra fabric will be glued into the sole. I fused the interfacing to the fabric.


I hemmed ribbons/upper part straps, folded them in half and joined them with a seam leaving an opening at the top – this is where the ribbon that will be tied around an ankle will be inserted.


I hemmed the upper part and attached the strap in the middle.

more interfacing inside

More interfacing, this time some millimetres narrower than the basic pattern. Fused to the inside of the upper part it will make the upper part firmer and protect hems.

red upper parts

Lines had to be drawn at the outer side, as marks for inserting the upper part into the sole. Tiny cuts made in the extra fabric on the sides will make the fabric easier to shape.


I glued the upper part into the sole using hot glue, excellent for the purpose.

sandals completed

Sandals are ready. Now for decorations!

adding decorations

In this case, polymer clay cherries with fabric ribbon around their stems, so I attached them with several stitches to a piece of fabric and glued the piece of fabric to a clip-on.

ribbons and cherries

Wide satin ribbons have been ready from before, now I just have to pull them through straps, attach decorations – and enjoy the walk!

red sandals with cherries, after





and out for a walk!