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polymer clay cherries

Cherries should have the main role in some things I am making these days. Search in nearby craft shops haven’t brought any fruit, neither cherries nor large red beads that I could use as cherries.

But my eyes got stuck on the polymer clay, and I reminded myself that I often state that everything you need you can make yourself.

I haven’t done any clay or similar craft since the kindergarten or maybe primary school, therefore it is the time I try it. Super-simple little project: cherries.

polymer clay cherries materials

I used polymer clay, wire-stems with ready-made fabric leaves, narrow satin ribbon and nail polish.

polymer clay cherries shaping and baking

I cut the clay into pieces, warmed it in my hands and made balls circling the clay between my palms.

Toothpick seemed just right to make a deep hole, the place where stems will be inserted. After baking and cooling, cherries were ready to be painted.

polymer clay cherries painting with nail polish

I used dark red nail polish – exactly the colour and shine of ripe cherries. Toothpicks again – inserted into stem holes so the cherries could be painted and let to dry.

polymer clay cherries adding wire stem and satin ribbon

Once the nail polish has dried, I put a drop of hot glue at the top of the cherry hole, put end of the satin ribbon on top of that and pushed it inside using the wire. That glued both the ribbon and the wire with the leaf to the cherry. I will know for the next time to make the holes a bit wider, that would make the whole thing tidier.

I smeared a bit of the glue over the wire and wrapped the satin ribbon around it. The other end of the ribbon got glued to the back of the fabric leaf. And here I have just the cherries I wanted!

polymer clay cherries shine

What I am going to do with them? Stay tuned!


polimer clay cherries ribbons