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felt accessories workshop materials

We played with felt over the weekend. My primary-school friends, their Mums and a Dad gathered at my place and we were making felt flowers and accessories. We were cutting the felt and assembling it into flowers using the hot glue. We used them to make bouquets, brooches, headbands and hair clips. We started with flowers, then imagination took over and we have got hearts, clouds, everything.

The workshop was a party! Kids were happy, parents had a good time, I enjoyed it a lot. So we are all checking our calendars to see when to organize the next workshop.

Take care, Mare

felt accessories workshop decorations

Tiny treasures we used for decoration and trimmings: buttons, beads, ladybugs, hair ribbons, brooch pins.

felt accessories workshop preparation

The kitchen table waiting for the guests to arrive.

felt accessories workshop

A bit later.

felt accessories workshop brooch and hairbands

Some of the things we made: felt brooch with decorative button and headbands with roses.

felt accessories workshop flower in the hair

A flower in the hair.

felt accessories workshop things we made

It is important very to carefully choose colours for the bouquet.

felt accessories workshop sparkling heart

Sparkling heart – brooch.

felt accessories workshop things we made hairband bouquet

A bouquet, hair bands, hair clips, brooches and a smile!

felt accessories workshop hairband

Happy little cloud, a hair ribbon.

felt accessories workshop brooch

I have got a present, a tiny magenta ray fish-brooch. The pin is attached at the tail, so it looks like the fish is swimming.

Thank you for great evening!