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sketch notebook

Summer, Sun, an island, the sea, a beach. My darling and me.

At ease, relaxing, in slow motion.

But somehow I can not be in slow motion for any significant period of time: „Dearest, would you like to swim to that small island there?“, „Hm, we jut got out of the sea.“ Well, yes, our fingertips are still wrinkled.

Maybe something else? „Sunshine, would you like to play cards?“, „No, thank you, not right now, right now I enjoy doing absolutely nothing.“

I do not give up easily. Why should I give him some moments of quiet during the only week in a year when he is not in whole-day rush and obligations: „Apple of my eye, would you like to talk a walk to the other side of the cape, who knows what we would find there?“ To which he turns on his towel and falls asleep. Just like that.

Ok, it took me a while, but I got it, not in a mood for any activity. Him being relaxed finally affected me, I stopped pestering, became quiet and observed the world around me. And as I was soaking up all that beauty, I got hold of my pens and the notebook.

sketch felt pen

sketch the beach

sketch blue

sketch agave

sketch drawing