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So, as I already stated, when I want to give a present to someone, I prefer the present to be something I have made myself and something that has a meaning to the recipient. Do I ever give presents to myself? On seldom occasions. But still, I do!

Cherries and walnuts for liqueur

This is a photo I took at my parents place. Glass jars contain sour cherries and walnuts that my Dad has picked and my Mum has put in the jars, added sugar, poured brandy over them and she makes sure they are in the sunshine, in order to make liqueurs. Lids on the jars are saucers that belonged to coffee cups from which we used to have coffee for years. The jars are basking in the sun on the window that overlooks the courtyard in which I played as a kid. Playing with cats until they had enough and would scratch me, building houses from cardboard and wooden planks, scratching my knees as I learned to ride a bicycle, played with my dog. The moment I took the photo, it became one of my favorites and I return to it very often. Because of the feeling it brings. There is no place like home.

decorative linen pillowcase with photography pillow

Not to have it only as a digital picture, I had it – experimentally, printed onto linen fabric. The experiment turned out to be more than success, I do not think that any other fabric, apart from coarse linen, would do it honor. And what to do with that piece of fabric? A photo pillowcase, of course. And dress my softest couch cushion in it. So I would enjoy hugging it, and so it would gently welcome me when I lean on it. There is no place like home.

Soft linen photography pillow

Pillows on the couch

This is what I gave myself for birthday and I am very happy with the present! :)

With love,