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dawn clutch bag chain

Sorting the stash, my Mum and I found a piece of red microfiber fabric. Velvety, soft, gentle to touch, warm red colour. Mum wanted to know whether it would be possible to make a handbag from such fabric. Of course!

My Mum has a habit of discreetly hinting her wishes. Whether she did it this time or not, does not matter, anyway I wanted to make a handbag for her. It was some days before her birthday and it is always nice to get a handbag as a present. “Mum, what kind of evening bag would you like?”, “Well..” my Mum said, “it should have pleats, but it should be flat, and it should sit nicely in my hand and in my lap.” Hm, yes… my Mum can give interesting challenges.

As I like to accept interesting challenges, I have taken the fabric, strengthened it with interfacing and started playing with it. A pleat here, a stitch there. A gusset here, a curve there. And little by little, I have made a bag.

I have been working on it until dawn, because the birthday lunch was the next day, and I wanted the bag to be ready. And it has been ready! My Mum is happy with it, she says that the bag nicely sits in her palm and under her arm and that it comfortably sits in her lap during theatre shows. That makes me very happy!

dawn clutch bag

dawn clutch bag satin

Dawn is made from red microfiber fabric, strengthened to keep the shape. It has been both hand and machine stitched. Inside is made from red satin fabric, it has a pocket and a ribbon with a swivel clip. The bag is 15 cm high and 27 cm long and it closes with a zipper. Bag handle is silver coloured double chain with clips on both sides so it can be detached from the bag. The bag is decorated with red satin bow-brooch.

dawn clutch bag bow

dawn clutch bag profile

dawn clutch bag holding

dawn clutch bag going for a walk