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corduroy bag with mushrooms upcycled from a shirt

Traveling on old roads passing by forests can make me happy in many ways. Last year, in autumn, we took such a road. We were driving and talking how great would it be to stumble upon someone who has just been in the forest, picking mushrooms, and wants to sell them. And it happened. We stumbled upon a mushroom hunter and we were very happy to buy all the mushrooms he had. He had a lot, and most of them were porcini mushrooms. The king of wild mushrooms.

So, completely unplanned, the evening became the mushroom evening. First we cooked and enjoyed the dinner, then we cut the rest and prepared them for drying. The smell of porcini lingered around the house for days, if not for weeks.

Everything that we dried and conserved has been eaten in the meantime. The mushrooms have such a wonderful taste, I have been cooking them frequently… And used them all. I do not dare to pick mushrooms myself, my knowledge is too poor for that. This autumn we still have not taken a ride down the old road hoping to meet someone who would offer them.

So what do I do? I dig through the stash. And in the stash I stumbled upon an old corduroy shirt and some small pieces of other corduroy fabrics. The combination smelled exactly like porcini.

corduroy bag with mushrooms applique shirt

The Mushroom bag is made from an old corduroy shirt, soft and warm fabric, strengthened for firmness and shape. I used blue and brown corduroy fabric pieces to appliqué the mushrooms, and I embroidered the grass around them by hand. The bag is 30 cm high, 45 cm wide. The bottom of the bag has been strengthened so the bag would not sag, it is 30 cm long and 12 cm wide. Inside of the bag is made of brown cotton with white flowers, it hides three pockets, one of them has a zipper closure, and a ribbon with a clip. The bag has two handles, they are 68 cm long and it closes with a zipper.

corduroy bag with mushrooms applique

corduroy bag with mushrooms applique inside view

corduroy bag with mushrooms applique detail

corduroy bag with mushrooms applique pockets

corduroy bag with mushrooms applique in the forest