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front pockets

Sunshine-rain, rain-sunshine. Everything in the garden is growing and blossoming. And a new bag model grew on my kitchen table. It is not small, it is not large, the size is just right, somewhere in between. I started to play with paper, then test fabric, adding a bit, taking out a bit… When I am satisfied with the way it looks and with its size and features, I grab the fabric for the bag and work impatient to see how it will look when completed.

And it looks like this. The grass has grown and the bag has blossomed!

Take care,


shoulder bag with flowers applique and ladybirds

linen canvas bag side view

green inside

Shoulder bag Flowers is made of linen canvas fabric interfaced for firmness and shape. The sides of the bag are 35 cm wide and 23 cm high. The bottom is 35 cm long and 10 wide and it is strengthened so the bag would not sag. I made appliqué of grass, leaves and flowers motifs on the front of the bag, and added some hand embroidered grass. Ladybirds flocked to it right away. Inside of the bag is made of green cotton fabric, there are three open pockets inside and a ribbon with a swivel clip. The bag closes with a zipper.

leaves, flowers and ladybirds details